Boxes of beef are sold starting at a 20 pound box for $195.00.  The contents of a 20 pound box would be as follows.

4-6 steaks, one inch thick.  Sirloin, rib eye, porterhouse and T bones

1-3 roasts

1-3 stewing beef

8-10 pounds of lean ground beef

Larger box sizes are available in similar proportions.


Our pork is sold in boxes of 10 pounds ($60), 20 pounds ($115) or 30 pounds ($165).  The breakout of the meat packing is as follows for a 20 pound box.  Larger or smaller packs will be broken out proportionately.

This year we have fresh, smoked and peameal choices while quantities last.

6-10 chops

2-4 pounds of breakfast bacon

7-10 pieces of farmers sausage

1-3 roasts


Goat meat will be sold at market rates when available.

 Miscellaneous Items

Free range eggs will be sold at $4 per dozen.

Pork fat will be sold at $3 per pound

Beef and pork odd cuts will be sold at $5 per pound  (Oxtail, Liver, marrow bones, etc.)